On Thursday 13th April, the All About Code team + Les Pounder (@biglesp) visited Sheffield-On-Sea to visit the Pimoroni Pirates. After speaking to Paul at the Raspberry Pi 5th birthday party earlier this year, he invited us down for a second time to visit them. But this time, something special was involved.

When we last visited the pirates EduBlocks was just an idea and it is amazing to think how far we have come since July! It was a great day but we had something special in store for the Raspberry Pi community this time round.

The reason Paul invited us down was to appear on their weekly live show on YouTube which is viewed by the majority of the Raspberry Pi community. So, at 6:00 am we set off to pick up Les from Blackpool.

And then took the 1 and a half hour drive to Sheffield-On-Sea. When we arrived we were greeted by Rogue who is one of the Software Developers and then met Paul, Jon, Phil & Sandy. It was great to see them all again. We went straight into the Bilge Tank to prepare for the show later in the afternoon. I started with a demo of EduBlocks once everything had been set up. The Pirates really liked the concept of the program and how it helps bridge the gap from Scratch to Python. After we had done the final bits of setting up, we headed off for lunch at the Sentinel Brewery just to minutes away and the food was amazing, I do recommend it if you’re around the area. About half an hour after lunch it was time for the show We showed demos of EduBLocks and what it can do. The amount of work that goes into making this show a reality is amazing, it is a top quality show. Unfortunately, the sound did not work out as planned on Bilge Tank but Paul found out what had gone wrong so in true Pimoroni style we did a ninja bilge tank later. Big thank to Paul for doing this it was really kind of him. It was a great show and it went really well. Luckily, we had some time to spend down in the workshop to see how things are tested and the amount of work that goes into every single board that is shipped out the door, it is truly amazing. Thanks to Paul, Jon, Phil, Sandy & The Team for having us for the day and the gifts you gave us it was a great experience that I will never forget.

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